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Scars can be emotionally devastating for many people, leading to mental and emotional complications. Scars can be disfiguring and aesthetically unpleasant. Side effects of scarring may include:


1.      Severe itching

2.      Tenderness

3.      Pain

4.      Sleep disturbances

5.      Anxiety and/or depression

6.      Disruption of daily activities


Scars also may result in development of post-traumatic stress reactions, loss of self-esteem and being stigmatized, leading to diminished quality of life. Physical deformity as a result of skin scar contractures also can be functionally disabling.

Scars on face can be treated by various cosmetic surgery procedures like


1.      Revision of Scars

2.      Z-Plasty

3.      Full thickness skin graft etc.




           SCAR FACE








                                                          Before                                              After


                                                                  Acne Scars Face






                                                          Before                                After


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