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Gynecomastia is abnormal growth of breast tissue in Male. This result in low feeling and low self esteem specially when they go to gym or swimming pool. Correction of Gynecomastia boosts a lot of confidence. Gynecomastia is mainly bilateral but sometimes it can be unilateral.

Operation  : There are three methods available

Liposuction: When fat tissue is more

Liposuction + Excision of gland : when fat and glandular tissue are in equal proportion

Cosmetic excision : When glandular tissue is more and fat content low

Operation is mainly done as an o.p.d. procedure





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    Before           After    



          Before                       After                             Before                         After





    Before       After



          Before                            After                            Before                      After





             Before        After



           Before                            After                                Before                       After




     Before         After



                       Before                      After                                    Before                     After



 Gynecomastia Correction by Cosmetic Excision









Before                                            After


                              Gynecomastia Correction by Liposuction











                       Before                                         After


Unilateral Gynecomastia







Before                                         After


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