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        Liposuction is removal of abnormally deposited body fat by suction method. Can be done on any part of the body with availability of different size suction cannula. With liposuction one can achieve desired shape of body. Methods available for liposuction are:

1. Tumescent Liposuction ( key hole Liposuction): Safe and established method of liposuction with minimum blood loss Mainly done for minor to major obesity(small to medium volume Liposuction).

2. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (Vaser Liposuction): Mainly done for sever obesity/Large volume Liposuction.

Your surgeon should judge which method is suitable for you. Results are equally good.Small volume liposuction can be done as an o.p.d. basis. Medium to large volume liposuction require one to three day admission.





                                       UPPER ARMS




                   Before                          After                                   Before                       After  


                              AXILLA FAT PAD




                                         Before                                                            After


                                ABDOMEN  1




                                         Before                                             After


                              ABDOMEN     2               



                               Before                                             After


                      Side Lt.                                                                        Side Rt


                                         Before                                          After


                                                            ABDOMEN    3


          Before                  After



                           Lt. Side view                                                    Rt. Side view


                                ABDOMEN 4




                                                 Before                             After


                                        ABDOMEN 5



        Before                                 After                                 Before                        After


                                      ABDOMEN 6






                                         Before                                              After




              Before   After



            Before                                After                                    Before                              After






                                                          Before                              After  








                                      Before                                                  After


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