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Live like a man

Salem wearing a corset postsurgery

‘Man boobs? No big deal!’

About 40 per cent of men worldwide suffer from Gynecomastia, and the number is even higher amongst Indian men. 23-year-old Salem Shaikh, who went through the experience this summer, tells you how easy it is to deal with

‘My friends teased me’
How would you feel if you are forced to enter the swimming pool with clothes on? I felt the same for few days before I decided to live life without getting annoyed over ‘friendly’ gestures on my protruding nipples. A quick visit to my doctor made me realise I have a medical condition called Gynecomastia. Thousands of men suffer from it, I was told, so I faced the reality upfront. Yes, it made a part of my body resemble a girl’s, but you still remain a man! I could have gotten mentally disturbed when my friends teased me, but I chose to look at things differently: I felt I was doing social service, I was making them laugh at all times!

‘It’s easier than it looks’

Being a dentist, I’m aware of what pain is all about (and you’ll agree if you’ve been in a dentist’s chair too!) I was more worried about how my chest would look bad after surgery and whether I would develop any further problems. I chose a good cosmetic surgeon, and all these concerns vanished. I asked him several questions; you shouldn’t hesitate ‘coz this helps boosts your confi dence.

‘I wore a corset for a month’
The surgery was a simple one. I opted for local anesthesia as I wanted to be awake and see the procedure. And I did. I was home the same day and resumed my normal life the very next morning! Yes, there was a little soreness for some days and I was on antibiotics. I also wore a corset for about a month. It compresses the chest to keep it in proper shape and heals the chest area fast.

‘I can wear a tee without a vest!’
I’m so much more confi dent now when I go swimming or hit the gym. And the best part is: I can wear anything, or even can go topless at the beach without any embarrassment. Most of all, I can wear a T-shirt without a vest!

—As told to Nishant Arora

The treatment is easy
Dr Manoj Kumar Manwani, the Mumbai-based cosmetic surgeon who performed the operation on Salem, says the following...

·         Reduce your weight: In obese men, it can be solved by simply shedding the extra fl ab.

·         Go in for a hormonal test: There is no real reason for it, but in some boys the female hormone surpasses the male hormone and causes an imbalance, leading to the development of small breasts.

Go in for cosmetic surgery: It leaves no scarring and is painless.


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