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TARGET: Even Mallika Sherawat acknowledges that men lech, when she had told a journalist that men talk to her breasts. … but then Malli...

Guys, talk to my face, not my chest!

Not big, but small breasts are what Mumbai women want, tired of the leery attention they draw

Big is not beautiful. Buxom Mumbai women, tired of being stared at for their big breasts, have been queuing up for reduction surgery. Most of these women want leaner silhouettes, especially so when the bust is disproportionately larger than the waist.

Jane Fernandes (33, name changed), mother of four kids aged five years to 13, used to wear size 42 B. “My breasts were so enormous that I couldn’t ever buy anything readymade. Everything had to be tailored.I hated going out because people stared at my chest,” says Fernandes, whose waist measured 30 inches, grossly disproportionate to her bust. Surgery has reduced her size to a 32 B now and she couldn’t be happier. She paid Rs 80,000 for the surgery. Costs begin at Rs 20,000 and go up in proportion to the size of the breasts.
Said cosmetic surgeon Dr Manoj Manwani, “Now more women come in for breast reduction than augmentation. Earlier, our major requests came from women who had sagging breasts after two or three children, but in the last two months, there have been a number of young, single, professionals who want breast reduction. And yes, clients are ashamed about the male attention that big busts get them.”


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