Breast Enlargement


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Breast Enlargement


Looking for Breast Enlargement Surgery in Mumbai. Cosmetic Surgery Mumbai is the best centre for Breast Enlargement Surgery in Mumbai, India. Breast Augmentation is the surgical procedure to increase the size, profile and projection of the female breasts. Aesthetic aspect of the female breasts is a point of admiration, beauty, function, "womanhood ", disparity, conjecture, comparison and debate. In this respect this procedure plays an important role.

           Small breasts (Hypomastia) can be Congenital, Post lactational and postmenopausal. Breast Augmentation is very satisfying cosmetic Surgery Procedure achieved with silicone gel or saline implant. It gives women lot of self-confidence and self-belief. Implant can be inserted by various incisions like 1. Inframammary, most preferred. 2. Peri-areolar 3. Trans-axillary or 4. Trans-umbilical.

Procedure is mainly done under general anaesthesia. May require one day admission.


Breast Augmentation














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