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Cosmetic Surgery      

Cosmetic Surgery involves procedures for beautification of face and enhancement of body image. Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Face lift, Otoplasty, Cosmetic lip surgery, chin Augmentation, Cheek liposuction, Scar removal, Mole removal are procedures for face and liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Breast augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift are procedures for body image. Except that there is recently introduced genital cosmetic surgery which involves penile lengthening, penile girth augmentation for male and vaginoplasty and labiaplasty for female.





Rhinoplasty is still the most common procedure in cosmetic surgery.

It definitely can change the face completely and enhance the beauty of person.

Operation: There are various techniques available for different type of correction

1.Reduction Rhinoplasty: For Hump Nose

2. Corrective Rhinoplasty: For Bulbous Nose

3. Augmentation Rhinoplasty: For Saddle Nose

4. Secondary correction: When person is not happy with previous Rhinoplasty (With increased incidence of Rhinoplasty this type of correction is most common)

5. Nares correction: For wide and deformed nares

Various techniques are mainly combined in every Rhinoplasty. Results mainly depends on skill of the surgeon.

Operation is mainly done as an o.p.d. procedure


Facialplasty or Face lift

Surgical rejuvenation of the aging face has evolved into one of the most frequently performed procedure. The evolution is directly related to the scientific understanding of facial soft tissue anatomy. Procedure restores age related anatomical changes.

Procedure is mainly done under general anaesthesia with one day admission. Sometimes it is possible to do under local infiltration.



Properly performed aesthetic periorbital surgery is the most rejuvenating of all facial surgeries performed today. Conceived and executed it proves a tremendous source of joy for both surgeon and patient. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty and lower eyelid blapharoplasty can be combined or done separately.

Procedure is mainly done under local anaesthesia as an o.p.d basis.

Double eyelid blepharoplasty is done to change appearance of eyelid from oriental to Caucasian. The main objective is to create a double eyelid by reconstructing a superior palpebral sulcus.



Lop ears can be embarrassing for any individual. Correction by Otoplasty will result in normal ear. Otoplasty is also done for any congenital defects in the Ear. Sometimes even Small normal ears can be embarrassing which can also be lengthened.

Procedure is mainly done as an o.p.d basis

Lip augmentation

Lip Augmentation is done by various procedures

By fillers: Temporary procedures can be repeated.

Fat injection: Permanent procedure but 50% absorption of fat can occur.

Dermafat graft: Permanent procedure, 20% absorption of tissue can occur.

Surgical: Advancement of Vermilian Line: Permanent procedure, sometime scar.

All proceures can be done as an o.p.d. procedure


Lip reduction

Lip reduction is achieved by wedge resection and fine suturing.

Mainly done as an o.p.d. procedure.


Chin augmentation/Augmentation Mentoplasty

Most patients are not aware of hypoganthia (small chin) until it is pointed out by surgeon. Augmentation is achieved by insertion of silicon implant available in various sizes and shapes. Implant can be inserted by a. Submental approach or b. Intraoral approach. Surgery is done under local anaesthesia following light sedation.


Dimple Creation

Definitely it gives boost to your smile and improve the appearance of face.

Dimple cheek is created by attaching laughing muscle (zygomticus major) to dermis intraoraly.

Procedure is done under local anaesthesia as an o.p.d. basis


Buccal Fat Removal and cheek Liposuction

To create slim face from chubby cheek both procedures are usually combined still it depends on preference of patient.Buccal fat is removed intra oraly.

Cheek liposuction is achieved by fine suction cannula inserted behind the ear lobe. Results are very satisfying mainly demanded by models and actors.


Removal of Facial Lesions

Mole, Nevus, Leucoderma, Scars, Tattoo Marks, Pappiloma etc. can be removed cosmetically with minimum mark.


Other Cosmetic Procedures

Botox for wrinkles and Fillers mainly for Nasolabial sulcus.




Liposuction is removal of abnormally deposited body fat by suction method.

Can be done on any part of the body with availability of different size suction cannula.

With liposuction one can achieve desired shape of body.

Methods Available

Tumescent Liposuction (key hole Liposuction): Safe and established method of liposuction with minimum blood loss Mainly done for minor to major obesity (small to medium volume Liposuction).

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (Vaser Liposuction): Mainly done for sever obesity/Large volume Liposuction.

Your surgeon should judge which method is suitable for you. Results are equally good.

Small volume liposuction can be done as an o.p.d. basis. Medium to large volume liposuction require one to three day admission.



The well contoured abdomen is attractive because it reflects health and reproductive fitness. It is no wonder that improving the contour of the abdomen is primary concern for many patients seeking aesthetic surgery. Along with removal of fat skin is also tightened. Sometimes require placation of abdominal muscles. Main indications are obesity with laxity of skin after delivery. Require one to three days admission. Done under general anaesthsia.


Gynecomastia correction

Gynecomastia is abnormal growth of breast tissue in Male. This result in low feeling in them when they go to gym. or swimming pool. Correction of Gynecomastia gives a lot of confidence to them. Gynecomastia is mainly bilateral but sometimes it can be unilateral.

Operation  : There are three methods available

Liposuction: When fat tissue is more

Liposuction + Excision of gland : when fat and glandular tissue are in equal proportion

Cosmetic excision : When glandular tissue is more and fat content low

Operation is mainly done as an o.p.d. procedure


Breast augmentation/ Augmentation mammoplasty

Hypomastia (Small breast) can be Congenital, Post lactational and postmenopausal. Breast Augmentation is very satisfying cosmetic Surgery Procedure achieved with insertion of Silicone gel or saline implant behind the breast tissue. It gives women lot of self-confidence and self-belief. Implant can be inserted by various incisions like 1. Inframammary, most preferred. 2. Peri areolar 3. Trans axillary or 4. Transumblical

Procedure is mainly done under general anaesthesia. May require one day admission.


Breast reduction /Reduction mammoplasty

Done for hypertrophy of breast or asymmetry of breast.

Very large breasts can be embarrassing for any lady in public place. Breasts can be reduced to normal size and shape.

Breast reduction can be defined as surgical reduction of breast volume to achieve a smaller, aesthetically shaped breast mound with concomitant relief of the potential symptoms of mammary hypertrophy. In addition there is some evidence to suggest that breast reduction may reduce the individual risk of breast cancer. Results can be achieved by various surgical techniques. Procedures is done under general anaesthesia. Patient may require one to three days admission.


Mastopexy (New skin bra)

Mastopexy or breast lift as it is commonly referred to by those seeking the procedure, encompasses a wide array of techniques, depending on the patient’s preferred characteristics. The universal complaint among the women is ptosis or “sagging breasts”. However mastopexy is also used to treat congenital and acquired asymmetries as well as congenital deformities such as a tuberous breast.



Penile enlargement / Penile Lengthening

Mild length increase by inferior displacement of penis occurs by release of the suspensory ligaments and restricting bands of Scarpa fascia. Release of ligament frees more of the penis to be stretched, thereby allowing greater gain. Real length gain can be achieved by combining ligament release with the use of special penil weights or stretching devises that act as an external tissue expander. Procedure is done under local or general anaesthesia. May require one day admission.


Penile Girth Augmentation

Girth of the penis can be increased by 2cm to 2.5cm in circumference. This can be achieved by 2 method 1. Derma fat graft and 2. Fat transfer. Procedure can be done under local or general anaesthesia. May require one day admission. Penis lengthening and penile girth augmentation can be combined.


Hymen Repair or Restoration of Virginity

Done under local anaesthesia. Require no admission. May be combined with Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.



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